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A bad dream

Last night I dreamed I was running in a 5K race. (I can’t run a 5K race). It was all uphill. I was dead last. The people in front of… Read more >

Two little words


Here’s one of my biggest pet peeves: It really gets my goat when I hold a door open for someone and they do not acknowledge me. Is it soooo hard to… Read more >

when there is no ball practice…

For the last three months, I’ve scarcely been online and I haven’t had time to blog. Wait. Did I say the last three months? I guess it’s more like a… Read more >

Why I love baseball

  This isn’t a baseball field. It’s across from the baseball fields. It’s what I see on warm spring evenings when I’m at baseball practice and games. It’s what I… Read more >

Dreams really do come true

When I was little, I watched a lot of PBS. I especially liked a little low-budget show filmed in Roanoke called Cookin’ Cheap. I regularly watched Laban Johnson and Larry… Read more >

Taco Salad Thursday


At the cafeteria in my office building, every Thursday is Taco Salad Thursday. I learned this from a friend during the second week of my job, on a Thursday when… Read more >


I got in line at Starbucks and saw the sign. #PSL Son of a hooligan. I didn’t even realize what day it was. There are two kinds of people in… Read more >

My reading list: a progress report

books in bookshelf

In February I asked for your recommendations, and I compiled a reading list for the year. Today, I’m reporting my progress so far. Here is a snippet of my original… Read more >

Blue Moon


It’s been a long time since TGIF has meant so much to me. After starting a new job this week where there was lots of trouble finding parking, lots of (uphill)… Read more >

Rango: adventures in pet sitting


In Wyatt’s STEM program, there are several classroom pets. Throughout the school year, every time an extended school holiday drew nigh, he would bring home the same note seeking out… Read more >

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