It’s serious

If you’re sick, please stay home

I use my blog as a place to share mostly lighthearted things, but today I feel compelled to talk about something serious that is very important to me: if you… Read more >

We’re not in Kansas anymore, and it’s Dog Days to boot

My blog has been strangely silent for the last little while, and I was thinking I should probably make some explanations. There are a couple of reasons for the cobwebs…. Read more >

Count your blessings

I have a weakness for coffee cups. I have a cabinet dedicated to them and it’s overflowing. I bought each of them for a reason: because the color is just… Read more >

My grandparents would be proud

Growing up, I heard varied political opinions among my immediate and not so immediate family members.

We’re not a family who goes around talking politics in mixed company. But for the most part, everyone knew where each other stood, and there were no big arguments or debates among them.

At my grandparents house though, things were a little different.


I’m restless. Unsettled. For the first time since graduating college (several years ago), I feel like I need to go and do. Go where? Do what? Well, I’m not really sure about that part.

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