The drawer: a clutter story

I have been “decluttering” for the last, oh, seven years. I’m not kidding. I have thrown away, donated, and passed down so many things that it’s crazy. I have gotten… Read more >

Awesome Sauce (Cranberry, that is)

I don’t really even like cranberries, but they are required at Thanksgiving dinner (right?) and I can’t stand anything that keeps the shape of the can once you get it… Read more >

How not to burn your house down

Because someone else might benefit from my carelessness, I’m sharing what happened to me yesterday morning. Yesterday morning, I could have easily┬áburned my house down. With a candle. You know… Read more >

Off the wagon

Do you remember when I talked about how much I love coffee mugs? Then remember when I finally admitted I had a problem, broke bad and cleared out my coffee… Read more >

Wyatt’s way of saying “please”

Wyatt likes to get his way. When he thinks he’s not going to, this is what he does.

It’s all chicken… right?

Wyatt, asking a question about dinner: “It’s not the swimming kind of fish… right? It’s the food kind of fish. Do chicken-fish swim?”

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