Family and Kids

A milestone: eat well to be well

As my kids started their last week of school on Monday, I realized something big. Really big. Wyatt hasn’t missed one single day of school this year because of sickness…. Read more >

Captain Hook

Alyssa decided to bait her own hook and found it wasn’t as easy as she thought it would be. She decided it might be easier if she talked the worm… Read more >

Justice for all

I avoid the store Justice and its cute, glittery, sequined-up, overpriced clothes like the plague. It’s on my top ten list of ‘Places I’d Rather Pull my Toenails Out Than Go To.‘… Read more >

Get your spectacle on

If you know the personalities in my family, you know that the whole lot of us are quirky. Each of the kids has inherited strange combinations of mine and Matt’s traits… Read more >

The Snow Charm

Though it looks different than home, and it feels different than home, I like it here. There’s a problem, though, and I knew it would be a problem as soon… Read more >

Adventures in Hall Monitoring

This fall Alyssa applied to be a Safety Patrol Officer at her new school. There were two weeks of hoping and great anticipation before she finally received a nice, long… Read more >

First impressions

When we moved, I wanted to get the kids involved in something quickly so I found a fall softball league for Alyssa. She was all in. For her to play,… Read more >


Alyssa has more scars than anyone in our family: 11 to be exact. She keeps count. Each is a trophy for her determination and belief that she can do anything…. Read more >

Get to it, Kate

One of the things that makes me most proud is Alyssa’s love of reading. When school is in session, she usually has two books going at once — one that… Read more >

We’re not in Kansas anymore, and it’s Dog Days to boot

My blog has been strangely silent for the last little while, and I was thinking I should probably make some explanations. There are a couple of reasons for the cobwebs…. Read more >

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