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Where’s the beef?

Where’s the beef? It’s probably hard to believe, but it’s not at our house. A few months ago, I came across something about a woman whose infertility was caused by… Read more >

Salt dough ornaments and Red Bull. (It’s how we roll).

I am not sure what possessed me to volunteer to mix and roll and paint and seal 160 salt dough ornaments to give away.

One hundred sixty. No one should ever doubt how much I love the library and the ladies there.

To tell the truth, when our friends group met and decided to make them for our annual Christmas fundraiser, I didn’t hesitate to help. I imagined my kids and I sharing special moments kind of like those depicted in the Rice Krispy treat commercials.

We would gather around the table and mix and knead and get flour on our noses, making memories while doing something important and worthwhile for our community.


The Freddie Mercury Rule

This happened.

We were eating dinner, and out of the blue Dylan said, ‘Freddie Mercury is dead, right?’

I looked at him for a split second before answering, skeptical as to how my easy-listenin’ loving ten-year-old knew about Freddie Mercury. Then I dismissed it.

I mean, it’s Freddie Mercury. Music 101. Pop Culture 101.

Ahh, those happy little clouds

As a child, I loved watching The Joy of Painting on PBS. For half-hour stretches, no one could budge me from in front of the television while I marveled over Bob Ross’ ability to effortlessly create the most beautiful landscapes I’ve ever seen with all kinds of happy little trees where happy little animals lived.

I am a sucker for scenery, I get that from my dad.

The Power of Muppets

Last weekend we took the kids to watch The Muppet Movie.

Because I LOVE the Muppets. They’re magical, to me.

The Great Muppet Caper is the very first movie I remember watching. And I LOVED it. Beyond the verbal capability of my five-year old self. That same year, I got a Kermit the Frog doll for my birthday, and I was so happy about it, I cried.

As you can imagine, I was pretty excited about the new movie.

But I didn’t really expect my kids to like it.

The Lucky Red Leaf

“Mommy!! I caught one! I caught one!!!” Alyssa yelled to me from the yard. She was almost dancing.

“Caught what?” I asked. With her, it could be anything from a butterfly to a lizard.

Not at all what I had expected. “Oh. Good!” I said back to her.

She stopped dead and gave me the look. She always sees right through me.

Her hands went to her hips. “Its a red leaf. You know. A lucky red leaf.”

What doesn’t kill you …

Last Thursday I had a terrible day.

It actually really began on Wednesday when my orthodontist said I was ready for my jaw-breaking surgery. (This was a good thing since it is the first required step to getting two missing teeth replaced). But then minutes later, an x-ray showed that I did NOT have enough room for an implant; the root was NOT diverging; and it was possible that I had an abscess. The short story there? I was NOT ready to have surgery.

If you’ve ever been toothless for three years, then you know what a blow that was.

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