It might make you laugh

How to conversate when you’re not good at conversation

Our house is full of introverts of varying degrees. I could stand on a chair and sing in front of a room full of people, but I can’t make small… Read more >

I hate maple syrup

Two nights ago I went to the grocery store. The wind chill was in the single digits and the wind was blowing and I was freezing. Like, actually freezing. Dylan… Read more >

Two little words

Here’s one of my biggest pet peeves: It really gets my goat when I hold a door open for someone and they do not acknowledge me. Is it soooo hard to… Read more >

Rango: adventures in pet sitting

In Wyatt’s STEM program, there are several classroom pets. Throughout the school year, every time an extended school holiday drew nigh, he would bring home the same note seeking out… Read more >


Last week was rough around here. It was just a head cold that we passed around, but it really knocked us flat. We snuffed and groaned and moaned during the… Read more >

The guacamole curse

About a month ago I was in the grocery store and I walked by some tortilla chips, and I was like, guaaaaaacamole! I’d never made guacamole, so I pulled out my phone and… Read more >


Don’t let anyone tell you there’s no such thing as Karma (with a capital K). She is there, and she is watching. I am going to relay the events of the… Read more >

Off the wagon

Do you remember when I talked about how much I love coffee mugs? Then remember when I finally admitted I had a problem, broke bad and cleared out my coffee… Read more >

The eye of the beholder

I may be a grown up, but I love Halloween as much as any kid so of course, when Dylan asked if I planned to dress up this year, I said yes. “You should… Read more >

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