Monthly Archive: October 2012

Fall, Sleepwalkers, and Virginia Tech. Good Times.

Growing up, I heard varied political opinions among my immediate and not so immediate family members.

We’re not a family who goes around talking politics in mixed company. But for the most part, everyone knew where each other stood, and there were no big arguments or debates among them.

At my grandparents house though, things were a little different.

The beauty in my backyard

Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. It’s an old, overused saying, but it’s true.

I don’t really talk about “home” in my writing, but suffice it to say, I live at work — literally — which is weird, but true. It’s an amazing place, but I don’t usually see that. I don’t pay attention to it. That’s what happens when you look at something every day.

So many projects, so little time

Lately, I’ve been feeling all crafty and ambitious, which can mainly be attributed to two things: I saw a segment on The Today Show about a woman who hadn’t bought anything… Read more >

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