Monthly Archive: November 2012

Salt dough ornaments and Red Bull. (It’s how we roll).

I am not sure what possessed me to volunteer to mix and roll and paint and seal 160 salt dough ornaments to give away.

One hundred sixty. No one should ever doubt how much I love the library and the ladies there.

To tell the truth, when our friends group met and decided to make them for our annual Christmas fundraiser, I didn’t hesitate to help. I imagined my kids and I sharing special moments kind of like those depicted in the Rice Krispy treat commercials.

We would gather around the table and mix and knead and get flour on our noses, making memories while doing something important and worthwhile for our community.


My grandparents would be proud

Growing up, I heard varied political opinions among my immediate and not so immediate family members.

We’re not a family who goes around talking politics in mixed company. But for the most part, everyone knew where each other stood, and there were no big arguments or debates among them.

At my grandparents house though, things were a little different.

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