Monthly Archive: December 2013

Get your spectacle on

If you know the personalities in my family, you know that the whole lot of us are quirky.¬†Each of the kids has inherited strange combinations of mine and Matt’s traits… Read more >

The Snow Charm

Though it looks different than home, and it feels different than home, I like it here. There’s a problem, though, and I knew it would be a problem as soon… Read more >

Adventures in Hall Monitoring

This fall Alyssa applied to be a Safety Patrol Officer at her new school. There were two weeks of hoping and great anticipation before she finally received a nice, long… Read more >

Lighting a fire

Exactly one month ago I officially signed up for National Novel Writing Month. NaNoWriMo is an annual event where hundreds of thousands of people commit to one big goal: completing… Read more >

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