Monthly Archive: June 2014


Eight. Three more than five. Two less than ten. It doesn’t seem like much of a milestone. Eight is still little, right? From the time Wyatt was born, he has… Read more >

Waffles with Strawberry kinda-Compote

Wyatt won’t eat pancakes. Or syrup. He will eat waffles. I know, he’s a little weird about food. I have a pretty cheap Belgian waffle maker that does a great… Read more >


  Dylan and Wyatt are stark opposites. Wyatt is extroverted and silly. Dylan is introverted and quiet. This is typical: Wyatt makes a face, and Dylan is annoyed by it…. Read more >

Chili roasted sweet potatoes: a recipe

The other day I wrote about how changing our eating habits has resulted in an (unbelievable) improvement in our health. I did it because I thought it might help someone… Read more >

A milestone: eat well to be well

As my kids started their last week of school on Monday, I realized something big. Really big. Wyatt hasn’t missed one single day of school this year because of sickness…. Read more >

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