We’re not in Kansas anymore, and it’s Dog Days to boot

My blog has been strangely silent for the last little while, and I was thinking I should probably make some explanations.

There are a couple of reasons for the cobwebs. For one, I started a new blog. I wrote a post on here a few months ago called ‘Where’s the beef?‘ about changing our diet and taking on a new, healthier lifestyle. Now I’ve started a whole new blog focusing on our journey to become healthier, spend more time outdoors, and more time together as a family. I spent quite a bit of time getting it up and running. Over there, I chronicle our outdoor adventures and activities, new recipes, and anything related to being healthy and happy. It’s called Get Healthy, Be Happy. It can be found here.

But if you happen to click on that link, you’ll find that it’s been strangely silent for the last little while too.

That’s because… we moved. Yes, moved! I know, I know. One of my friends told me that she would’ve been less surprised if I’d said I was having a baby than that I was moving.

But, now here we are, right in the middle of farm country just outside of Richmond, Virginia. We’re definitely not in Kansas anymore! Well, actually we were never in Kansas, but the landscape is so different you’d never know we were still in the same state. There sure is a big difference between the Appalachians and the Piedmont near the coastal plain! Not to mention that the heat index has been 110+ for the last four days. Whew, that will take some getting used to. We got here just when Dog Days were beginning. Dog Days. Blech.

We’ve only been here two weeks. We still have some boxes to unpack, we’re still getting settled. I like this place so far. It’s much different that what I am used to back home in the mountains, but there are friendly people and lots to do. There’s also a lot to learn.

I’m finding some new blog fodder, too. Turns out that taking on a whole new place has given me some all-new stories to tell. I’m hoping for some good computer time soon so I can get some of them hashed out.

I’m looking forward to getting back into a writing groove. Until then, I’m just going to keep my focus on not melting down in this heat. Happy Dog Days! (Total sarcasm.)

We saw this rainbow a couple of days after we got here. I’m taking it as a sign that it will cool down, the humidity will decrease, I will be brimming with new stories, and all will be good with the world. It might be a little much to read into a rainbow, but I’m doing it anyway.


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  1. Holly

    yes mam, that friend would be me…. you totally shocked me with this move.. but I can’t wait to get to come and see you all!!! love you much!!


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