The Snow Charm

Though it looks different than home, and it feels different than home, I like it here.

There’s a problem, though, and I knew it would be a problem as soon as we decided to move. It’s already starting to rear its ugly head.

It’s the snow. Or rather, the lack of snow.

Everyone has said not to expect much here in the way of winter. It will snow, they say, but it will only be skifts here and there. We’ve been told not to plan on building a lot of snowmen, or having three snow days in a row.

Twice we’ve had a weather advisory, and twice the snow has fallen everywhere but here. It’s only December, but I already see a pattern forming.

I love snow. The kids love snow. We need snow.

Dylan came home the other day with the answer. After sitting at school during a day-long winter weather advisory that only brought steady, cold rain, a group of sixth graders at PMS figured it out.

The reason those forecasts and advisories haven’t panned out? They surmise it’s because too few of us did The Snow Charm. We’d never heard of it but according to Dylan’s classmates, if there is enough participation, The Snow Charm will ensure the fluffy white stuff will materialize and snow days will follow. Here’s how it works:

On the night before the snow is forecast:

  • Wear pajamas inside out.
  • Put two cubes of ice in the toilet.
  • Leave your pencil in the freezer overnight.
  • Sleep with a spoon under your pillow.

According to Dylan, this is a proven, foolproof method when the masses take action, so if you’re wishing for a white Christmas, this might be a good place to start.

You just can’t beat the ingenuity of middle schoolers.



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  1. Heather B

    I am trying this tonight!


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