Get your spectacle on

If you know the personalities in my family, you know that the whole lot of us are quirky. Each of the kids has inherited strange combinations of mine and Matt’s traits and idiosyncrasies.

Dylan got Matt’s hatred of anything that draws attention to himself. Alyssa did not.

Us girls revel in the things that are gaudy and loud.

In high school, I didn’t flinch over standing on a chair and singing a stupid song in a roomful of people. I would wear things that were bright or silly because it was fun. These days I’m not as flashy since I try to act like a grown up (most of the time).


Sometimes I do enjoy Dylan’s embarrassment when we… stand out.

He hated that we wore “HAPPY’ tattoos on our faces for The Color Run, and hated it more that Alyssa wouldn’t remove hers when the run was over. HAPPY

She kept that tattoo till it wore off. It almost ranked up there with the helmet she wore everywhere.

I thought she was so cute when she got creative with her eye black during softball season. Dylan threatened to lock her out of the car.


During his archery tournament a few weeks ago, Alyssa got cold, so she looked like this for the duration of the event.


Dylan blamed all his bad shots (and everyone else’s) on her because she was “distracting”.

I just mostly like to threaten to get my spectacle on, but when I do, my methods of expression are generally a bit more muted. Winter hats and really big glasses are two of my favorites. hat glasses

But, what bothers him most is not so much what I wear, it’s my actions.

To Dylan’s chagrin, I like to ride kiddy rides. And I like them most when I talk him into riding them with me.

embarrassed dylan

I love that look.

At Dylan’s fall concert, I stood up, waved and took his picture. I just wanted him to see he had a support system, you know?

I still don’t  know what about that was bad, but…

dylan embarrassed 2

I’m not sure why we embarrass him. He’s so lucky that we’re not actual, real spectacles. He’d never make it!

So, I’m just wondering, do you embarrass your kids? And which side of the Spectacle Fence do you sit on?

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Comments (4)

  1. Debra Stevens

    Jenny Leigh

    I think you are an AWESOME mother!!! I’m sure Dylan does too:)

  2. Carol Rasnake

    An interactive blog that is laugh -out-loud funny. Quite an accomplishment in my book!

  3. Kathy Harrison

    Even though I answered your poll I know you already know which I am! But tell Dylan my kids say he will out grow it even when you don’t!

  4. Holly

    I was the best friend of this specticle in high school, and I was right there beside her embarrassing myself with her…. Come on Dylan, it’s fun!! That’s why we had children 🙂 love you all and miss you to pieces!!


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