Justice for all

I avoid the store Justice and its cute, glittery, sequined-up, overpriced clothes like the plague. It’s on my top ten list of ‘Places I’d Rather Pull my Toenails Out Than Go To.

I admit I’ve bought things from Justice (red dot clearance) but it’s rare for me to cave in to Alyssa’s pleas to take her there (I’ve taken her in only twice), because seeing all those cute, glittery, sequined-up, overpriced clothes in one place puts her under a spell. She transforms into a little blonde-headed shopping monster. I hate their spot on tween marketing techniques.

Today, she didn’t even bother asking me. She turned straight to Matt because he can never say no to a kid who point blank asks him for a one-on-one outing. Even if it’s to Justice.

In his defense, it’s also easier to say yes when you’re taking a kid who has fresh Christmas cash and a couple of gift cards. So off they went.

Matt let Alyssa shop as long as she wanted, patiently watching her sift and scour through every rack and shelf in the store until one of the clerks loudly asked her co-worker what time it was. At five minutes till closing, Alyssa got her daddy by the arm and took two shirts to the register which added up to $41.89.

He held out his hand. “Okay, Alyssa where’s your money?” he asked.

She dug into her little black purse and produced some wadded up bills and change, which she dumped on the counter. He smoothed them out. There were three dollars and fourteen cents. Matt smiled apologetically at the clerk, who looked at her watch.

“Where’s the rest of it?” he asked Alyssa.

“Oh, that’s all I have. I left the rest at home,” she said with her widest eyes.

Matt looked at the crumpled money and then back to the clock watching clerk. Then he pulled out his wallet and paid the balance.

“You were supposed to pay for this,” he said, holding up the bag as they left, “but since you left your money, you can just give me one of your gift cards when we get home and we’ll call it even, okay?” He can usually turn things around.

She thought about it. “No, I think I want to keep my gift cards. I like them,” she said, taking the bag from his hand and swinging it happily. Then, she shook her head. “Whew! You know what Daddy? That Justice store is really expensive.”

I’m pretty sure Justice is now on Matt’s top ten list of ‘Places I’d Rather Pull my Toenails Out Than Go To too.

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  1. Heather Bowman

    Hilarious!!!!! She’s one smart cookie!!


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