Less is more: a giveaway!

I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions, but when January 1 hits, it always gives me a jolt of renewed determination to accomplish things.

I’ve been working on paring down our extra possessions–getting rid of clothes we don’t wear, toys that don’t get played with, things we just don’t need. Clutter weighs you down. Every time I toss something out, I feel a little bit of that weight lifted. I have come to the conclusion that less really is more.

I’ve been making some good progress over the last year or so, (it’s an ongoing project) but there are some possessions I have trouble not hoarding. Two of those things are stationery (this is a broad category that includes but is not limited to pens, pencils, paper, markers, staplers, post it notes, three-hole punches, and a whole lot of other stuff) and coffee mugs.

Oh, how I love coffee mugs, I even wrote about my fascination with them. I love the ones with just the right handle, those that are dainty, antique ones, funny ones, big ones, colorful ones, and special ones for holidays. You name it, I have just about any kind of mug you can imagine.

It’s gotten a little out of hand. When the cabinet doors wouldn’t close anymore, I figured I had to do something. So I made a resolution. Even though I don’t make resolutions.

I’m not getting rid of all of them, but I have pared down the collection. A handful of my very favorite ones remain in the cabinet. There were about half a dozen I decided I didn’t need at my fingertips (though they would’ve fit) so I wrapped them and stored them in the attic. That might be cheating a little, but baby steps, you know? And, the other day, I did throw several of them away. That was a sad, sad day.

I found a great (cheap!) space saving solution at Pier 1 that meant there’d never be a shortage of coffee cups, even with company.


They are pretty cute too, so that’s a plus.

I have totally cleared out my cabinets, and since January 1 I haven’t bought any new mugs.

I’m pretty sure that means I’m practically cured, so to celebrate this great achievement, I am giving away one of the prettiest mugs in my possession!



It is hand painted, bright and cheery. On days you wake up groggy, mad, sad, pouty, grumpy, or with a negative state of mind in any form or fashion, this mug will for sure serve as a happiness-emitting vessel for your coffee.

Can’t you just feel the happiness in all those little hand painted flowers? Here’s what they look like up close.

coffee mug

This thing is pretty big too. It will hold about a cup and a half of coffee, which means fewer trips to the coffee pot.

If you’d like to make this wonderful cup your very own, all you have to do is leave a comment below! Easy peasy!

I’m leaving the contest open until Friday, January 31, when I’ll choose a random winner. The winner will be announced on the Little Miss Jenny Leigh Facebook page on Saturday, February 1. If you enter, be sure to check back in to see if you won!

Good luck!

Comments (16)

  1. Paul

    um… I really need a mother’s day gift for Jenn.

  2. Mary Osborne

    Good blog!

  3. Barbara Deel

    I love this mug, it makes me happy to look at it. There are times when I get up not knowing where my day is going I spend a lot of time alone now I am having empty nest syndrome. I definitely would like to put my interest in on this particular mug. TY.

  4. Rhonda

    I love it. I would give it a happy home and think of you when I used it.

  5. Cathy Keen

    We miss all of you! I love our blog!

  6. Eric Stevens

    I would love to take that mug off your hands. Ha

  7. Mandy VanDyke

    What a beautiful mug! I just recently took up a coffee addiction (thank you grad school) so I am in need of some pretty mugs 🙂

  8. Marlene Breeding

    You will regret it tomorrow if you give this cup away. I have two almost like it and they make my coffee and tea taste so much better than any other cup. This one is very beautiful.

  9. Debra Stevens

    Ohhhhh I would love to have that cup. It is beautiful!!

  10. Holly

    Wouldn’t you feel so bad if you gave away your very first mug and didn’t give it to your best friend so I will always have something to remind me of you??

  11. JoBeth

    Stop discouraging her, Marlene! IT SHALL BE MINE!

  12. Tammy Mathis

    This would make my Megan’s day better, she started Pharmacy school therefor she took up coffee drinking and this beautiful mug would help brighten her days. She works so hard doing nothing but going to school and studing she really needs a little bit of beauty to sit down to.

  13. Becky Duty

    This is a beautiful mugs. I’m sure anyone would love to win it…especially me! Great idea on the giveaway.

  14. Angela Dunford

    I love this one. Everytime Rhianna sees it in a post she goes crazy. I need to win it for Nana who I do believe will encase it in plexiglass and make it the centerpiece of our lives lol.

  15. Angela

    So pretty!

  16. Rhonda Ray

    I really need the mug for my apple cider.


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