Dylan and Wyatt are stark opposites.

Wyatt is extroverted and silly.

Many faces of Wyatt

Dylan is introverted and quiet.


This is typical:

Wyatt and Dylan

Wyatt makes a face, and Dylan is annoyed by it.

Alyssa is the most extroverted and outgoing of the group, so Wyatt generally tends to stick with her. They are thick as thieves.

Alyssa and Wyatt thick as thieves

And she sticks with him. That’s her wrapped up in the blanket on a cold night, watching Wyatt play ball while Dylan waited in the nice, warm, toasty car.


When Dylan and Wyatt do interact, they are usually rivals.

IMG_3554 IMG_1420

(Strangely, even with the size differential, they are about evenly matched.)

For the most part, they go their separate ways and show each other little affection. But a strange thing happened this week when Dylan went away to Boy Scout camp.

Wyatt began asking when he would get back after he’d only been gone a day.

Then, he asked to call him and kept asking every day, even after I said Dylan didn’t have a phone.

Finally, he wrote Dylan a letter, completely on his own with no help from me.

Wyatt's letter to Dylan

I laughed when I read it. (I was surprised too!) Wyatt is always honest, but this time I don’t think he could’ve said it any better.

Wyatt waited up on Dylan last night. At midnight when Dylan finally rolled in, Wyatt said he felt like things were “right” again, and this morning while I was still in bed, I could hear Dylan excitedly recounting his week at camp to Wyatt.

They may not always get along, and they certainly don’t always show it, but I will never doubt how much they love each other.

photo 2

Brothers are pretty hard to beat.

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  1. Heather Bowman

    Ohhhhh!! Sniff, sniff!!! I teared up, cutest, sweetest story!

    1. jenny leigh (Post author)

      Heather, it kinda made me tear up too! If you could just see them bicker every day… It made me so happy!


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