Waffles with Strawberry kinda-Compote

Wyatt won’t eat pancakes. Or syrup.

He will eat waffles.

I know, he’s a little weird about food.

I have a pretty cheap Belgian waffle maker that does a great job, and I adapted a recipe that works really well with it. We eat ’em for dinner.

Using all whole wheat flour would be best (whole wheat flour is unrefined, which is important because it hasn’t had the nutrients stripped from the grain during processing) but I use a combination of organic whole wheat and unbleached white flour. I do it for two reasons: (1) all whole-wheat flour doesn’t result in the same texture, and (2) the kids never complain if there is a mixture. In fact, they don’t even notice. So, while we eat all-whole-wheat in as many things as possible, with waffles we make an exception.

Now onto the topping.

We like syrup. We eat 100% maple syrup because most “maple” pancake syrups hardly have any maple in them at all. They’re mostly made up of high fructose corn syrup — like this one — it has high fructose corn syrup and regular old corn syrup too.


But Wyatt will eat dry waffles before he’ll put syrup on them. He likes strawberries, so I started experimenting for an alternative. What I came up with is very simple, and something like a hot, thin jam. Since there are no added spices and the fruit is mashed, it’s not really a compote. But I like the word compote, so I’m going with that. Strawberry Compote.

Sometimes I top the topping with homemade whipped cream. Now that is good.

Recipes are below. Hope you like it!

Belgian Waffles

Makes five waffles.

Mix together:

1 cup whole wheat flour
3/4 cup unbleached white flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
1 tablespoon sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt

In a separate bowl, whisk together:

3 large eggs, well beaten
4 tablespoons unsalted butter (not margarine!) (melted)
1 1/2 cups milk

Mix the wet ingredients into the dry ones and mix until it looks like it has pebbles in it. Don’t over mix.

Divide evenly for five waffles, and follow waffle iron directions for cooking times.

Strawberry kinda-Compote

One pint strawberries, washed and sliced.
A splash of water (probably less than a spoonful)
A few drops of lemon juice, say 3 or 4.
Two scant tablespoons of sugar

Put the strawberries in a small saucepan and add the splash of water, lemon juice, and sugar.


Fight the urge to add more water, I promise they won’t burn. Bring them to a boil over medium heat, then cover them and turn the heat to medium low until the strawberries are soft, and the liquid is rich red and bubbly. Maybe 5-7 minutes.



Then take whatever you have handy and mash them.


Continue cooking them for another 2-3 minutes so they will thicken.

It really is a good waffle topping. It would probably also be dandy on pancakes, or french toast, or ice cream, if you like any of those things. Or on toast. It would be good on toast, even though it’s runny.

If you don’t like strawberries, peaches work well too!

Do you have any variations for fruit toppings? I would love to hear them!



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  1. Sarah Deel

    Really enjoyed reading MissJennyLeigh stories . The one about eight touched my heart the most ,Wyatt walking up to the base and throwing the perfect throw,. So miss Jenny Leigh keep up the good work and continue the writing and entertaining me … Love her work … And by the way I like cups too but try not to get to many,of course most of my came from my daughter ….


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