How not to burn your house down

Because someone else might benefit from my carelessness, I’m sharing what happened to me yesterday morning.

Yesterday morning, I could have easily burned my house down. With a candle.

You know how they always say “never leave a candle unattended”? Well, that is true. You should never leave a candle unattended.

It was chilly, and cloudy and it looked all Fall-ish outside, so before I sat down (in the back of the house) to start working, I lit my wonderful Fall-ish Candied Caramel Pecan candle (in the front of the house). I pushed it to the back edge of the counter, and I left it there.

The thing I didn’t pay attention to was … pushing the candle back meant the small part of the laminate bar that hangs over the counter was over the candle.

When I returned to the kitchen to refill my coffee a few minutes later, the chipboard bottom of the counter was black and smoking.


So, the moral of the story is… Never leave a candle unattended. Even if you’re just right there in the next room. I have since found stories where the glass container holding the candle broke, where the wick separated, where a candle was sitting too close to something combustible. A couple of those stories resulted in homes that were complete losses.

Lesson learned. I will take my black countertop and count my blessings.

By the way, if you haven’t smelled these new Limited Edition Better Homes and Gardens candles, you should. They are heavenly.

yummy candle

On a side note, it is possible that even though they smell heavenly, they could be bad luck. I dropped and broke one of them when I was in Wal-Mart, before I almost burned the house down.

Maybe it was trying to warn me.

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