Inquiring minds

Alyssa came home from school and relayed to me a conversation she’d had with a friend.

She said the friend had been contemplating what it would be like if people were put into jail for asking questions, and Alyssa surmised if that was the case, Wyatt would’ve been behind bars a long time ago.

She’s probably right.

He doesn’t ask questions about some things. He ponders over and asks questions about everything.

I’m so accustomed to fielding his questions that I don’t think about them very much after the discussion or internet search that follows the question has ended, but since that conversation with Alyssa I’ve been keeping track of some of his ponderings just for kicks. In no certain order, here they are:

Who is James Bond?

Do you know what I like best about my humble home?

If you got hit by a violin bow, would you die?

Did dinosaur meat taste like cow meat?

Was the person who invented jackets named Jack?

What year did Steve Jobs die?

Has any president ever had 15 kids?

What does MP3 stand for?

Do you think Papaw Darrell could get a job as Santa at the mall?

Are all the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park actually from the Jurassic period?

Did you buy the elf?

How long would it take to go around the world in a car?

Who was president when Mamaw Pauline was born?

Have you ever noticed that on a digital clock eight can be turned into any number?

Do worms have brains?

How old did Robert Todd Lincoln live to be?

Why does Saturn have rings?

Can I be an inventor and a scientist at the same time? And a chef?

What makes fire hot?

Do you think it’s possible for me to finish the Harry Potter series faster than Dylan?

Why can’t you make an electricity conductor out of paper?

Do you think I could fit in that pipe running down the wall in the gym?

If I write a book, how can I get it published?

Did you know Steve Jobs sued Bill Gates?

When I go to MIT, will you move to Massachusetts with me?

As you can tell from that last question, the kid has some big aspirations. He decided he wanted to go to college at MIT at the ripe old age of seven.

I’m not sure how he even knows about MIT, but I’m guessing he asked me about it sometime and I don’t remember.

There are just so many questions. I have considered buying stock in Google.

Last week, Wyatt’s STEM class went to the MathScience Innovation Center on a class field trip and he was on cloud nine when he got home. He and a friend had built a mechanical lego car and successfully programmed it to complete certain tasks. Yesterday, I found something stuffed into his backpack and it made me smile.

I love his inquiring mind. Even though it can be nerve-racking and frustrating on some days, we always try to find the answers to whatever he throws at us, or if we can’t, we at least discuss the possibilities or try to find someone who does know.

This is why.

future engineer

I love all the plans he has for himself. He hasn’t asked yet, but when he does I will tell him yes, he can be an inventor-scientist-chef-engineer.

There was one question on that list that we never got a definitive answer for. We could never figure out what dinosaur meat would taste like, so if anybody has any ideas we’d love to hear them. My guess–like chicken. What do you think?

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  1. Holly

    I think it tastes like a really great steak that I would name T-Rex!!!

  2. Holly

    I have read all if Wyatt’s questions and here are my answers in order:
    1. James Bond is 007, a way over paid actor.
    2. I’m sure it’s your loving family.
    3. Probably not but it would make an interesting story!
    4. Probably tastes like a really old cow!
    5. I’m not sure but he’s probably really wealthy.
    6. 2011
    7. Most likely but with many different moms.
    8. Uh, not sure but iPods are better.
    9. Absolutely, papaw Darrell would make a perfect Santa!
    10. Most likely.
    11. No, Santa gave us the elf.
    12. Not possible, cars can’t drive in the ocean.
    13. George Washington, lol
    14. No, but that was very neat.
    15. No, they are too small.
    16. Really old!
    17. Because it’s special.
    18. Absolutely!!
    19. God
    20. Certainly
    21. I’m not sure but if you figure it out you’ll be a rich man!
    22. Maybe, but I wouldn’t take that chance.
    23. You start writing, I’ll find a publisher.
    24. No, did he win??
    25. Absolutely, mommy would make a wonderful Yankee!!
    You keep those questions coming, it makes you a smart young man!! Love you sweetie!! Holly

  3. Paola Fuentes

    Yeah. Future engineer sounds about right.
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