Knitting is the new black

For Christmas, Alyssa asked for a Learn-to-Knit kit, and she got two of them.

It took until this week to figure out the instructions, but now that she has, she’s completely forgotten the trials of the last month and is a self-proclaimed expert.

(Alyssa: Knitting is the easiest thing I’ve ever done!)

She thinks it is the most fun, greatest thing in the world

(Alyssa: Knitting is the best thing I’ve ever done!)

She thinks I should take up knitting, too.

(Alyssa: Mom, you have to knit. Can I start a knitting circle?)

In the last 24 hours, we’ve heard a lot about the wonders and nuances of knitting, and another little tidbit as well:

Alyssa: Knitting is the only cool thing that old people do.

Me: Maybe it’s not the only cool thing old people do. Maybe old people do lots of cool things, and you just don’t know because you’ve never tried them.

Alyssa: No, knitting is the only one.

This newfound hobby has not only given Alyssa hours of enjoyment, it’s also served as a learning experience for both of us.

Alyssa learned that old people may not be cool, but they can do cool things. And I learned that knitting is the new black. Who knew?


Alyssa: You know, most people who knit are eighty, and I am ONLY TEN!

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  1. Christopher James

    I used to know how to knit. Now I don’t remember anymore.
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