A bad dream

Last night I dreamed I was running in a 5K race. (I can’t run a 5K race).

It was all uphill. I was dead last. The people in front of me were walking. I was running as hard as I could and couldn’t catch up to them.

Finally, finally I passed the walkers and began to feel better since I was no longer dead last, except I could barely breathe.

But then the turn around point went right by my house – this was a surprise to me – and to my horror, I saw floor to ceiling windows (that I had forgotten) across the entire ground floor that revealed a complete mess inside – a mess that all the runners ahead of me had seen.

I thought I would die of embarrassment so I ran inside to straighten up, even though the only group that hadn’t already seen it was that small group of walkers I had passed.

But before I could get the house straightened up, they went by and saw the mess too. And there was no chance they didn’t know it was my house because through those gargantuan windows, they could see me inside frantically cleaning.

I kept working, until I realized there were no more runners to see the mess, and the straightening up had made me dead last again and the house didn’t look one bit better anyway.

So I pulled the blinds down (why weren’t the blinds ALREADY DOWN?!?!) and took off running. Somehow, somehow, it was uphill going back, too. Uphill both ways. Out of breath. Dead last.

Finally, FINALLY I could see that group of walkers again and I could see the finish line and I knew that if I tried really hard I could catch up and not be last, but… Uphill… Out of breath. Up. Hill. Couldn’t breathe.

But I wouldn’t be last. I wouldn’t! One last push. Uphill. Breathe. Breathe!

And then the walkers were right there, and the finish line was in sight and THEN…

I woke up.

Exhausted, stressed out, big knot of tension in my shoulders. And I never made it out of dead last.

I think I would’ve been less tired if I had actually run a 5K and cleaned my house.

Tonight I’m hoping for a better dream… maybe one about a foot massage.

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