So many projects, so little time

Lately, I’ve been feeling all crafty and ambitious, which can mainly be attributed to two things:

  1. I saw a segment on The Today Show about a woman who hadn’t bought anything new in five years (with the exception of groceries, underwear, and health and beauty items). Who knows how much money she has saved during that time, plus she has de-cluttered her home, and paid off a bunch of debt. Wow, right? That story can be found here.
  2. Then I read a great piece by Amanda at A Lovely Place to Land about a $9.50 Goodwill chest-redo that really got me motivated. (She is super creative and inspiring–go check her out!) Her project spoke to me because I need something that can house my 10-year-old’s collections, but I don’t want to buy pay for new furniture. For $9.50 + some baskets + paint and a little elbow grease, she ended up with a beautiful storage piece, and I thought, I can do that too.

So, I’ve been all busy thinking about thrifting, being crafty, and saving money.

I may have gotten a little overzealous. Or maybe a lot. Because usually, the best money savers? They require effort.

And, you know? I have three kids. I work. I have terrible time management skills. And oh, my goodness at the laundry and dirty dishes that pile up when you have three kids, you’re never home, and you can’t manage your time properly.

Of course, I don’t think negative thoughts when I’m planning to do things myself and save money. That only happens when I’m actually trying to do the things I’ve planned.

I’ve pined for new throw pillows for months, but couldn’t find any for less than $15 to $25. I finally gave up on buying them, and decided to re-cover my old ones. I found reasonable prices and beautiful prints at Turns out, I can cover my pillows for less than $5 each. Oh, the rush! It was such a good deal, I decided that not only would I cover my pillows, I would also make a valance and a table runner.

New pillow covers.

Aren’t they trendy?

Then a couple of weeks ago, all high on ambition and euphoria, I made a pitstop at Goodwill with Amanda’s chest-project in mind. I had zero luck finding a chest, but oh, was I triumphant. I brought back a side table, some candlesticks, old bottles, a shelf, a handmade crocheted doily, and my favorite… a huge mirror that is so wonderful I can’t decide what to do with it, because I want to hang it in every room of my house. The best part? It was only five dollars.

Check out my booty.

All the goods from Goodwill

See. I totally racked up!

It makes me giddy just thinking about this stuff! It also stresses me out.

All my sewing projects are easy-peasy. But, I need some white backing that I can never remember to buy, and even if I did buy it, I can’t find the time to sit down and actually do the sewing. (Because it requires ironing, and cutting, and pinning, and zippers, which means not just time, but TIME.) So all my pretty prints are folded neatly in my hall closet, and my old, ugly, worn pillows remain on the couch.

I love, LOVE all my Goodwill finds. I can see them all about my house. But, everything needs reconditioning. The mirror and table need to be completely redone, and besides the whole time issue, I have zero experience restoring furniture. There will have to be to be stripping and refinishing and wood filling and, and, and …. There are YouTube instructional videos for this sort of thing, right?


So? I’m writing about it because then I’ll be more likely to get it done. I think. I’m shooting for having it all finished by Thanksgiving. Or Christmas. Okay, maybe St. Patrick’s Day.

What was I thinking?

Someone help me. Please?

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  1. Kathy Harrison

    I love, love, love the mirror. Nothing needs to be done to it except a little cleaning and oiling. I have the mirror that my grandmother had (one with silver backing). The bottle would go on my bottle fence. Some people have bottle trees – I have a bottle fence. The rest of the stuff – you are on your own! But they were a great price!

    1. jenny leigh (Post author)

      I love the mirror most! It is so heavy that I’m worried about hanging it, though. That thing weighs 36 pounds! (I weighed it. For real.) It doesn’t have any hardware, I think it may have originally come from a dresser. Doesn’t it look like a great entryway mirror? It would be perfect above a little table. If only I had an entryway.


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