Today, I didn’t eat the cupcake.

I have three goals this week:

  1. Eat whole foods
  2. Don’t eat out for lunch
  3. Don’t buy snacks from the machine.

This morning, I started out well. I had oatmeal and flax seed with a bit of honey for breakfast. And not a Bit-O-Honey, but an actual bit of honey. I felt pretty good about that, and even better about the other stuff I took to work – quinoa salad, an apple and roasted almonds.

Just look at that quinoa salad. I made it yesterday for my lunch this week. 

But before I could get to the apple or the almonds or the quinoa, someone in my office brought in a dozen cupcakes.


There were cupcakes with white icing, and cupcakes with chocolate icing.

They were sitting on a table where I passed them every time I went to the restroom, every time I walked to the trash can, every time I went to the printer. And every single time I passed them all day long, there was one particular cupcake with chocolate icing that called to me.

But you know what? I didn’t eat the cupcake.

And some days, not eating a cupcake is a big accomplishment.


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