The beauty in my backyard

Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. It’s an old, overused saying, but it’s true.

I don’t really talk about “home” in my writing, but suffice it to say, I live at work — literally — which is weird, but true. It’s an amazing place, but I don’t usually see that. I don’t pay attention to it. That’s what happens when you look at something every day.

I’m not a photographer, but on really beautiful days I sometimes go outside to see if I can get some good shots to add to my collection of marketing photos. I usually do that once during each season, and those are the days when I’m reminded of the stunning landscape that surrounds me every single day. Those are the days I appreciate it most.

Yesterday there was a deep blue sky, brilliantly colored trees dancing in a crisp wind, and the crunching of leaves underfoot: my favorite kind of day. I headed outside with my camera, and this is what I saw, all within walking distance of my back door. (In fact, I walked to all these places).

I saw this:


A stone’s throw from home.


Which led to this:


Oh, the pretty colors!


And finally, to this:


That’s the Grand Canyon of the South, y’all.


Wow! Right in my back door, and I rarely take the time to appreciate it.

I meandered back up the path.


Isn’t it picturesque?


And I kept wandering. It’s still not quite at peak color, but it sure is beautiful.


What a glorious day.


I love the days when I see what’s really there. That’s when I am overcome by how extraordinary this place really is. And I get to experience it every day. I am one lucky girl.

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