My grandparents would be proud

Growing up, I heard varied political opinions among my immediate and not so immediate family members.

We’re not a family who goes around talking politics in mixed company. But for the most part, everyone knew where each other stood, and there were no big arguments or debates among them.

At my grandparents house though, things were a little different. They were ardent supporters of different parties and the closer it got to November each year, the more heated their “discussions” became. I loved listening to them argue politics.

My mamaw couldn’t drive, but no matter how strongly they disagreed, Papaw always took her to vote. As far as I know, they “canceled out” each other’s vote every election for the 50-plus years they were married, and they took pleasure in it. They could’ve stayed home for all the good it did, yet they still voted. It was important to both of them.

Today I cast my vote in the most divisive and polarizing presidential election that I can remember, and I think they would both be proud that I voted. One would just be a little happier about it than the other.

I voted!

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