Color me duped

Matthew forces me outside my comfort zone all the time. He has more of a gung-ho personality, and I have more of a not so much gung-ho personality.


 Matt: Let’s move to the Florida Keys.

 Me: But what kind of jobs would we get and where would we live and what kind of school system do they have and oh. my. goodness. They have hurricanes.

I call this being “rational”.

He calls this being “a downer”.

I will admit that if it wasn’t for him, I would miss out on a lot of fun.

Like when he makes me watch jumpy movies, and ride roller coasters, and order my own food at restaurants. Okay, that last one’s never fun, I always hate doing it.

He pressures me into doing things that I deep down really want to do, but might not do without a nudge.

Last year he got a little “briggity” as my mamaw would say, and booked a seven day cruise to Mexico.

I don’t like water. I don’t swim. I don’t like not being able to leave whenever I want. I don’t like motion sickness. I don’t like norovirus. And have you seen the movie Titanic?

But I did want to go to Mexico, and in the end, it turned out okay.

Alright, alright. It was THE BEST vacation ever.


While this isn’t a picture of me, it does depict my feelings about the trip.

But this time he has gone completely overboard.

He asked me if I wanted to go to Atlanta for Braves opening weekend, and when I excitedly replied ‘yes’, he bought the baseball tickets and also signed me up for a 5K run while we’re there. The Color Run.

Nobody said anything about me running a 5K.

This is not something I deep down want to do, but need a nudge to do it.

I am not a runner. It is a proven fact.

I tried running in college, my roommate was a runner. (And she still is–GO Jill!) She ran in the sun, in the cold, in the pouring rain. I admired that. But although I spent part of three years trying, I could never get enough endurance to run (read: slowly jog) one mile without stopping, much less 3.1 miles.

Until last summer, I hadn’t attempted to run since.

Matt started running last Spring and finished with 400 miles for the year, beginning with a Couch-to-5K app and ending with a half marathon.

I saw him doing it and thought, ‘Hey, maybe I can do this too!’ Full of hope and gritty determination, I downloaded the Couch to 5K app and I didn’t fall out of any of the runs I did for three whole weeks. I even posted a personal best for consecutive minutes running: two. But then I stopped because really, I am just not cut out for running.

Matt thinks running is fun. I think it is torture.

Last week, we were on vacation in the Bahamas.

I would’ve said: I’m on vacation, I have the week off! Yay!

He said: Can you believe there’s a 5K scheduled while we’re here? I get to run in the Bahamas!

Matthew in Bahamas

80 degrees at 8 am. Perfect running weather, right?

I do not understand this train of thought.

He has set a goal for 1,000 miles this year, which is completely crazy in my book. But when I said as much on Twitter, @NikeRunning said I should get my butt in gear and set a goal too.

I have learned my lesson about tweeting @NikeRunning.

I have learned my lesson about tweeting @NikeRunning.

You people? I AM NOT A RUNNER.

Now, I could go to Atlanta in April and walk the 5K. Color Runs are done for charity and welcome people of all abilities. But who wants to go and get smoked by everybody and their brother? It goes against every competitive bone in my body.

And Matthew knows that.

It boils down to two choices: I can walk the Color Run and eat dust, or finish the Couch-to-5K app so I can actually run the thing.

Either way, Matt wins and I have to do the 5K because Number One: I am not a quitter; and Number Two: I am not missing out on opening weekend at The Ted.

I am not a runner. But I will do this because deep down, even though I don’t really want to, I cannot stand to say “I can’t”.

He knows me well.

I am running a 5K. In the end, it will probably be a positive thing.

Touché, Matthew. Touché.

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  1. Holly

    Hey, I’d miss you, but I’d love visiting you!! Haha

    1. jenny leigh (Post author)

      It *would* be fun living in the Keys!!


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