About Me

From left: the Scarecrow Grim Reaper, Me, the Queen of Hearts, and Heatblast.

Here are a few facts about me. Notice I didn’t say interesting facts, because I don’t claim to be interesting.

— My name is Jenny Leigh, nice to meet you.

— I am obsessed with paper products. I buy a notebook, or pens, or pencils, or paper, or erasers, or paper clips (you get the picture) every time I go into a store that carries said products.

— My husband is overjoyed that my obsession is with paper products and not jewelry.

— I write everything out by hand first.

— I am sentimental. Sometimes (a lot of times) it oozes out.

— I am quirky, and my children have inherited all of my quirks and some of their own.

— I have children! Three of them. They are the BEST, and they enhance my tendency toward sentimentality.

— I work from home, which means I have a bona fide excuse not to do laundry for at least eight hours a day, five days a week.

— I always have a big pile of laundry to do.

— I pull for the underdog. I love underdogs.

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