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Rango: adventures in pet sitting


In Wyatt’s STEM program, there are several classroom pets. Throughout the school year, every time an extended school holiday drew nigh, he would bring home the same note seeking out… Read more >

Second place

I snapped a few photos yesterday just before the awards ceremony at Alyssa’s season-end softball tournament, and in each picture her face was the same. This is what second place looks… Read more >


Last week was rough around here. It was just a head cold that we passed around, but it really knocked us flat. We snuffed and groaned and moaned during the… Read more >

An evening with Kate DiCamillo


A few weeks ago when I found out Kate DiCamillo was coming to the Children’s Museum only a half hour from us, I didn’t hesitate to scoop up tickets. Her… Read more >

The frogsong

I am lying on the picnic table with my knees up. I kick off my shoes and the reflection off my bare, pasty-white toes is blinding. They are still sleepy from… Read more >

Beware stray dogs, even the cute ones


A couple of weeks ago I came home one evening to find a cute little Walker Coonhound in my driveway. It didn’t take long to see that he was very… Read more >

A good day, ladybird

A couple of weeks ago I submitted a piece to the Richmond Times Dispatch for their ‘My Life’ column. (I know, I’ve been going on about this for days now, but I… Read more >

I’m looking at you, Summer


I wanted snow, and then I got snow, and now I’m tired of snow. I’m ready for summer. We’ve been planning our upcoming vacation, and reliving last year’s epic trip… Read more >

Just what we deserve


The rivalry between Virginia Tech and the University of Virginia is special, and especially for anyone who went to either of those schools, it’s big. And it’s fun. I went to… Read more >

The guacamole curse


About a month ago I was in the grocery store and I walked by some tortilla chips, and I was like, guaaaaaacamole! I’d never made guacamole, so I pulled out my phone and… Read more >

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