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Off the wagon

Do you remember when I talked about how much I love coffee mugs? Then remember when I finally admitted I had a problem, broke bad and cleared out my coffee… Read more >

The eye of the beholder

I may be a grown up, but I love Halloween as much as any kid so of course, when Dylan asked if I planned to dress up this year, I said yes. “You should… Read more >


In our family, the number of kids in the house is a direct indicator of how many different opinions you’ll find on any given topic. I’m pretty sure no matter… Read more >


Eight. Three more than five. Two less than ten. It doesn’t seem like much of a milestone. Eight is still little, right? From the time Wyatt was born, he has… Read more >

Waffles with Strawberry kinda-Compote

Wyatt won’t eat pancakes. Or syrup. He will eat waffles. I know, he’s a little weird about food. I have a pretty cheap Belgian waffle maker that does a great… Read more >


  Dylan and Wyatt are stark opposites. Wyatt is extroverted and silly. Dylan is introverted and quiet. This is typical: Wyatt makes a face, and Dylan is annoyed by it…. Read more >

Chili roasted sweet potatoes: a recipe

The other day I wrote about how changing our eating habits has resulted in an (unbelievable) improvement in our health. I did it because I thought it might help someone… Read more >

A milestone: eat well to be well

As my kids started their last week of school on Monday, I realized something big. Really big. Wyatt hasn’t missed one single day of school this year because of sickness…. Read more >

Captain Hook

Alyssa decided to bait her own hook and found it wasn’t as easy as she thought it would be. She decided it might be easier if she talked the worm… Read more >

The World’s Largest Frying Pan

When I saw the movie ‘Michael’ in 1996 (remember the one with John Travolta as an Angel?) I vowed to see all the “World’s Largest” novelties in my travel range…. Read more >

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