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Until next time, Facebook

I’m taking a break from Facebook. I haven’t deactivated my account, but I have deleted the app from my phone and logged off from every computer I own, so I… Read more >

Hard Luck Jenny

Have you ever seen that episode of Gunsmoke called “Hard Luck Henry”? What happens is, Hard Luck Henry Haggens shows up in Dodge needing help from his cousin Festus, and… Read more >

And the winner is…

Doing this giveaway made clearing out my coffee mugs so much more fun. Thank you all so much for participating! There were 16 entries in the comment section, so the… Read more >

Oh, Christmas Tree

Every time we’ve had a real Christmas tree it has fallen down, and some of them have fallen more than once. One of our most spirited trees ended up tethered to… Read more >

Less is more: a giveaway!

I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions, but when January 1 hits, it always gives me a jolt of renewed determination to accomplish things. I’ve been working on paring down… Read more >

Justice for all

I avoid the store Justice and its cute, glittery, sequined-up, overpriced clothes like the plague. It’s on my top ten list of ‘Places I’d Rather Pull my Toenails Out Than Go To.‘… Read more >

Get your spectacle on

If you know the personalities in my family, you know that the whole lot of us are quirky. Each of the kids has inherited strange combinations of mine and Matt’s traits… Read more >

The Snow Charm

Though it looks different than home, and it feels different than home, I like it here. There’s a problem, though, and I knew it would be a problem as soon… Read more >

Adventures in Hall Monitoring

This fall Alyssa applied to be a Safety Patrol Officer at her new school. There were two weeks of hoping and great anticipation before she finally received a nice, long… Read more >

Lighting a fire

Exactly one month ago I officially signed up for National Novel Writing Month. NaNoWriMo is an annual event where hundreds of thousands of people commit to one big goal: completing… Read more >

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