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First impressions

When we moved, I wanted to get the kids involved in something quickly so I found a fall softball league for Alyssa. She was all in. For her to play,… Read more >

Dear Baseball

In 1991, my parents got Mountain Cable and life changed. I had never seen the Addams Family, or Andy Griffith, or the Atlanta Braves. But I became acquainted with all… Read more >


Alyssa has more scars than anyone in our family: 11 to be exact. She keeps count. Each is a trophy for her determination and belief that she can do anything…. Read more >

Get to it, Kate

One of the things that makes me most proud is Alyssa’s love of reading. When school is in session, she usually has two books going at once — one that… Read more >

We’re not in Kansas anymore, and it’s Dog Days to boot

My blog has been strangely silent for the last little while, and I was thinking I should probably make some explanations. There are a couple of reasons for the cobwebs…. Read more >

Trying to look for the helpers

On September 11, 2001, I walked into my obstetrician’s office just before the second plane hit. I had no idea anything had happened until I saw everyone in the room… Read more >


I was already frustrated before I made it to the front of the line and realized there was no bag boy. The store was crowded and it had taken longer… Read more >

Count your blessings

I have a weakness for coffee cups. I have a cabinet dedicated to them and it’s overflowing. I bought each of them for a reason: because the color is just… Read more >

Where’s the beef?

Where’s the beef? It’s probably hard to believe, but it’s not at our house. A few months ago, I came across something about a woman whose infertility was caused by… Read more >

Color me duped

Matthew forces me outside my comfort zone all the time. He has more of a gung-ho personality, and I have more of a not so much gung-ho personality.


Matt: Let’s move to the Florida Keys.

Me: But what kind of jobs would we get and where would we live and what kind of school system do they have and oh. my. goodness. They have hurricanes.

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